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Living in Heart's Ease

Welcome, mystics and skeptics, scientists and seekers, humans of any faith or creed. You are welcome here. We hope to meet you as we explore ways to live a happy life with deep compassion for all beings.


Q. What do you believe here?
A. Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center isn't about believing or not believing any one thing. It's a journey from living in the mind, with its myriad judgments, to the heart as it opens to love beyond all separation. We don't believe that we are the healers, or that we have the answers for your life. Instead we are here to support you with tools and methods and insights we've gained from years of study and lived experience as you attend to your soul's work.

Q. What do you do here, exactly?
A. We  offer 1-1 and group work designed to help people like you find greater states of inner freedom, and more fully express your gifts in the world. We do that through personal sessions, group classes and events — both online and from our home-base near the spectacular Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan (see our friend and ally Sister enjoying a sunset there, above).

Q: What does Heart's Ease mean?
A. We are so glad you asked :) 
"Heart's ease" means tranquility and peace of mind. It also is the name of the wild pansy that serves as our logo — a reminder of the simplicity and naturalness that guides our work. We aren't fancy here. 

Q. What qualifies you (out of the 7 billion people on the planet) to run the Love and Freedom Center?
A. Great question. Again, we're not fancy. We don't think of it as "THE Love and Freedom Center." We think of it as a love and freedom center. We are always learning from many great teachers in many traditions. We teach only what we have directly experienced, and are building a community with others doing the same. 

Q. How much does it cost to take part?
A. We strive to offer programs to fit the needs of people of all economic circumstances. Many of our group sessions are free.  For those who are interested in private sessions, but prefer alternatives to $$ we will consider partial or full trade for services. (Please email us to begin a conversation.)

Q. Do you collaborate?
A. We know we can't do this alone! That's why we are building relationships with facilitators, artists and creators around the world, helping weave the connective tissue of a new and beautiful world where more people feel loved, and can love.  If you’d like to collaborate, please connect with us on Facebook or any way that feels right to you.

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