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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.


— African Proverb

Do you have a circle of women devoted to freedom? 

Do you have a place where you can open safely to the truth of who you are? 

We do. 

And we are opening it to you, too. 


Welcome! We are thrilled to share with you this sacred invitation to the part of you that is ready to move beyond existing, languishing, or doubting your magnificence — the part of you that is ready to open to unconditional love and freedom.


We are honored to invite you to join hands with us in the second edition of our Heart’s Ease Liberation Circles: An 8-week journey into self-love as liberation. 


This journey might be for you if you:


  • Have moved through many stages (or at least some foundational stages) of self acceptance and self care. 

  • Are excited to connect with a sisterhood of powerful women

  • Are interested and and able to commit time and energy to your own growth  

  • Want to cast off old, patriarchal chains of oppression that keep us afraid of expansion

  • Are willing to “doubt the doubt” that arises when we move deeper into spiritual freedom 

  • Accept that you are worthy of love, joy and abundance, even if you aren't yet sure how to get there

If something is stirring inside of you at the idea of saying YES to stepping into a new vibration of freedom, accompanied by brave, likeminded women, please know this message has found you at a transformational phase of your life's journey. 



Our Free Women Free World leadership triad means you will be held by deeply experienced guides with a wide range of life experience. We are not here to cure, or fix, or heal you. This is our path, and we are opening our hands to bring you into our circle and walk into the light of self-love together.

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Mukuria is a princess of the most High who lives for building on the human spirit. A mother. A biophilic. An artist. A yoga teacher. The pioneer of military Psychology in the Kenyan Defense Forces. A cultural shaper in the military veterans' space. A national treasure. She brings authenticity and wild woman energy  to our circle. Read more about Mukuria.

Salaam Green

Salaam is an artist who works in the deepest crevices of the human experience, using her heart and her words to create light from darkness.  Salaam serves on stages and in hospitals, speaking to the broken and the gloriously free. A spoken word performer, a Deep South storyteller, an artist-in-residence, an online convener, Salaam brings deep listening and empathy to our circle. Watch Salaam's Tedx Talk.

Michelle Holmes

Michelle is dedicated to living from the heart. A poet-grandmother she walks the wisdom path of grandmothers. She has worked with Silicon Valley startups, led media reform in the Deep South, spoken from stages in New York and LA. Now she brings her transformational work through the Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center. She brings brings embodied practices of self-love and compassion into our circle.  


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