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Michelle Holmes and Murdoch Davis

Welcome from our front porch  —

to wherever in the world you happen to be.


Heart's Ease Love and Freedom Center is a reflection of the kind of life we are grateful to enjoy, after two hard- charging executive careers have wound themselves gently down. Where we can explore what it means to be more free, and live with more love, as each year passes. 

Maybe you, too, are seeking a chance to slow down from the rush, listen to the tree frogs and watch the rain rolling in. Maybe you want to connect with others who are building an intentional life, rather than one that others create for you. Or maybe you need help to care for deep wounds in one of our private sessions.  

We've been blessed to journey with global communities dedicated to building connection and exploring the many gifts of a heart-centric life. We know everyone's journey is different, and we have gathered others here who can assist you to love more fully, and live more freely, whatever that looks like for you.  You can find a bit more information about all of us, below. We hope to meet you soon in one of our events, free groups or one-on-one sessions.


Michelle and Murdoch

Heart's Ease Family Facilitators


We are facilitators and teachers here together in this journey of helping others live their fullest and best life. 


Winona Holmes-Robbins

Winona combines her knowledge from her career as a personal trainer with tools she has gained from her yoga training to boost confidence and intrinsic self-love for humans in every walk of life. 


Her gentle and encouraging style is a fit for all people — including those who feel challenged to fit into mainstream movement spaces — to find pleasure in their bodies through corrective movement, gentle strength building and meditative movements.


Winona completed her 200hr yoga training at Ohm yoga in Valparaiso, Indiana in the spring of 2019; she has been a certified personal trainer since 2017. 

Michelle Holmes

Michelle’s life work has been dedicated to building more capacity for love and freedom in the world, first for individual human beings, and by extension the public square. 

In 2020, she opened Heart’s Ease, a new hub for collaboration with anti-racist artists, journalists, healers and facilitators. 

 Michelle offers private sessions for healing, expanding and growing, with a focus on  the applied practices of self-love. She is an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Clarity Breathworker, Duke Integrative Medicine-certified coach, and trained somatic  trauma therapy practitioner.  Past work includes leading a Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, where she explored ways to include more people in shaping our nation’s future. 


Murdoch Davis

Murdoch is a lifelong advocate of free expression and a contributor to Canada’s free speech history in a long career as a  journalist and media executive.


Through his media consulting and training firm, Davis Cooke Media, he helps journalists in Asia and Africa forge a free press.


He is a winner of the National Newspaper Award in Canada for a crusading campaign on behalf of LGBTQ+rights, and served for decades as publisher and editor of leading Canadian newspapers.


Murdoch works with leadership  and personal development, restructuring organizations and other human issues and is an accomplished one-to-one mentor and coach.


Heart's Ease Allied Artists and Practitioners  

 These Heart's Ease collaborators are dedicated to caring for the human spirit, and to bringing more love and freedom into the world, here and independently through their own organizations and private offerings. We are so happy to introduce you to these beloved friends with our very highest recommendation. ​


Practitioners and Facilitators


Linds Russell

Linds is an international retreat facilitator, breathworker, yoga teacher and fitness entrepreneur with a master's degree in  counseling. She is based in  Tulum, Mexico.

Her clients include leaders and teachers as well as people held back by limiting beliefs or overwhelming emotions, people who have experienced trauma and anyone ready for personal transformation.

Lucy yellow earing.png

Lucy Wairimu Mukuria

Mukuria is a princess of the most High who lives for building on the human spirit. A mother. A biophilic. An artist. A yoga teacher. The pioneer of military Psychology in the Kenyan Defense Forces. A cultural shaper in the military veterans' space and the founder and CEO of True North. She is a past Amani Institute of Social Innovation fellow  and Acumen fellow, and holder of the Constitutional Medal. 


salaam green earrings.png

Salaam Green

Salaam is a Deep South Storyteller, Poet, Social Health Activist, Performer and Master Healer proudly born and bred in the Black Belt of Alabama. She is the founder and Executive Director of  The Literary Healing Arts Foundation. She is an artist-in-residence at University of Alabama at Birmingham's Institute for Arts in Medicine and offers workshops around the world.


Trina Merz 

Trina is a visual artist, yoga teacher, breathworker and energy practitioner living and working in Hawaii. She completed her YTT 200hr with Yogamaya in New York City and now teaches at Open Space Yoga in Honolulu ,and offers personal and group sessions online. She trained in Reiki Energy Healing with Nana Deleplanque and with Clarity Breathwork to offer breath sessions for opening and healing. 

Artists and Creative Consultants

Deepa Fernandes

Deepa is a globalist, a citizen of 3 countries, with family on 5 continents. She is a second generation yogi, who has watched her mother study under BKS Iyengar in Pune, India. Her favorite author is her Dad, but no one ever published him. Her book Targeted offers a deep dive into the American immigrant experience. Her work to bring nuance and depth and deep care into  journalism has helped her build an international body of work.

Eve Pearlman

Eve Pearlman's work seeks to connect human beings more deeply to each other though a kinder, more trusting public discourse. She cofounded Spaceship Media in 2016 and has since brought her work across the world, reaching millions through her popular Ted Talk. Spaceship has actively touched thousands of lives through its projects aimed at dismantling public and personal divides.

Jenn mug.png

Jennifer Chang Crandall

 Jennifer is an artist, journalist and filmmaker with internationally known body of work around human connection. Her Emmy nominated project On Being and Whitman, Alabama have been hailed as masterworks of the human spirit.

She loves to collaborate on projects that exhibit seemingly opposite attributes: reach and intimacy; and works with organizations that want to tell more nuanced human stories. 

Liz picture.png

Liz Hildreth

Liz is poet, mother, instructional designer and one of the founding members of Poetry of Private Places. She is a mother to twin teenagers, born as micropreemies. One of her daughters has autism, cerebral palsy, and a seizure disorder. Liz has written at length about mental illness and has written poems for people at galleries, museums, and other artistic venues through the collective Poems While you Wait.

Deepa no mike.png


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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