Transformational Coaching (with Michelle)


Through deep, transformational partnerships, I support people in all walks of life who are saying YES to exploring what it means to be fully and completely alive. In a time of immense planetary challenges, my work is to support people just like you — artists, executives, entrepreneurs, social revolutionaries, healers, teachers and visionary thinkers at the edge —  as you allow your deepest dreams to unfold for the benefit of yourself, and the world.

Usually, people who work with me are asking questions about their lives, the world, and their place in it. 

Do you: 

• Have a strong (but perhaps vague) sense something bigger is waiting for you?

• Feel hungry to use your time on earth to create a better world but don't know how to do it?

• Have ideas you can't yet articulate, but they won't leave you alone?

•  Suspect that you have another gear that's bigger and greater than any you've used before?

• Feel the call to explore both your darkest and most luminous places in service of love and freedom?

• Crave a life that mixes deep mystery, beauty, joy and unity with science and the rational mind?

• Want to explore the part of you that is truly, fully, free?

I know the power of a great coach in making big dreams happen: I've been blessed with them. 

Each of them showed up at the right time in my life, and held me with safety and compassion as I pushed myself to dig deeper into my life and my future. When I decided to learn the skills of a great coach myself, I sought out the holistic expertise of Duke Integrative Medicine's coaching program, which focuses on the neuroscience of change. I later traveled to Israel to learn new in-depth techniques for coaching executives, which I've combined with deep learning from my own executive career.

My Heart's Ease Transformational Coaching program is built from this  professional coaching training and experience,  as well as my training as a breathworker and hypnotherapist to deeply support you, keep you accountable, and help you believe in the incredible power you have to create the life that's right for you. Our work together takes the form of 3x a month coaching sessions, checkins by text or email, as well personal healing sessions around issues that arise.

Whatever challenges you are facing, I am here to support you, hold a mirror to you, brainstorm with you, and celebrate big, bold, beautiful success with you. 


Transform in Love and Freedom

If you are interested in investing in your own personal transformation with time, resources and deep, rigorous self-examination, this program may be right for you. I'm happy to spend some time together helping you explore how we might reach your dreams together. Please reach out for a free, no-obligation conversation with me, below.