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Let me help you transform from the inside

Are you feeling demotivated, lost, worthless, and disconnected from yourself, other people, and the world? 

Are you ready for radical and sustainable change?

My role is to support women just like you who are taking responsibility for their lives and their future. 

I know it's possible, because I've done it for myself, and supported hundreds of other people in doing the same. 

See How

Get To Know Lucy

If — like me — your whole life you have felt like you’re on fire but been told that the fire is not burning you ... I am your guide. 

Through extensive personal and professional work, I have developed a system of care for people who are ready to radically rebuild their lives: not by  identifying with their pain, but by letting it go.

Today, I use the tools I've gained from my personal journey to help other women liberate themselves from the inside.

Are you ready for your own transformation? 

The most radical action you can take is choosing yourself, not by rejecting others but allowing your genuine self to have the last word.

My name is Lucy and I'm here to help you see in the dark.

Thank you, Lucy
"Thank you for creating this sacred, safe and emergent space to explore what's behind the pain ... and the promise of our best selves."


I've been honored to be recognized for my work as the 2022 International Humanitarian of the Year by the American Psychological Association, and as fellow of the Acumen Group and Amani Institute for my service in the global public interest. You can learn more by clicking on the links below.

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Let's get your transformation started

My inner Transformation program is not traditional therapy. Instead, our work will focus on how to create new supportive and meaningful structure to your life.


No matter how old you are, or where you live, it’s likely you have been disconnected from many of the traditional human practices that support an existence of harmony, connection and peace.

This powerful 6 month program of inner transformation combines ceremony, listening, acceptance, and action, all designed to help you get unstuck quickly, and help you begin creating a life of purpose and pleasure.

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Lucy's rapid transformation protocol: 

You will meet with Lucy for 5 weekly sessions designed to jumpstart your inner transformation.

To ensure you feel supported through this change process, this intense work will be followed by four follow-up sessions over five months for a total of 9 private life-transformation sessions. 

Transform with Lucy

Wild Forest

I'm here to support you as open to harmony, connection and peace

Book a time for a free conversation with me here: :

  • One-Time (SAVE $150)

    Women's Inner Transformation
  • Payment Plan

    Every month
    Women's Inner Transformation
    Valid for 6 months
Let's Begin
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